What to expect from a digital PR Campaign?

Digital PR can help you to get your business in front of the right customers as they are browsing the web and can be a seriously effectively tool for brand awareness.  It is also a lot more complex than simply another way to get your brand seen!  Here are some things you can expect when utilising a new digital PR experience.

There a several differences between traditional PR and digital PR campaigns.  Traditionally, PR campaigns tend to focus on channels such as the press, specialised niche publications, television and radio.  Digital PR has access to a ton more channels, such as websites, social media networks, blogs, influencers and online news/video.  It is important that your digital PR can not only help to get your name out there, but also deliver on measurable results.  The main thing is that any PR should be positive and allow more people to experience the best of your brand.

Digital PR strategy can be developed based on the end goals you are hoping to achieve.  Depending on who you want to target with your campaign, different methods will work for you.  There’s no point trying to utilise the latest trends on TikTok if your market is more likely to be reading specialist blog websites on a particular topic!  Working with a reputable marketing agency is a good way to get a well rounded PR strategy on the road – they will know how to choose the right methods and strategy to suit your market requirements, and the best ways to measure tangible results from your efforts.

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Pairing your PR strategy with other digital marketing tools can be a double-whammy, offering excellent results for a better financial input.  Pairing digital PR alongside SEO, for example, works really well because they can benefit each other.  Whilst the PR side has more of a focus on creating positive messages and influence through certain channels, SEO focusses on developing the content that ranks well in search engines and is shared across the web.  The PR can therefore also benefit your SEO strategy too, as it helps build those important mentions and links around the web.  This can help to improve your domain authority, which is a vital metric for search engine ranking.

Overall, we highly recommend you invest in a good quality digital PR campaign to see massive results for your company.  It is one of the most valuable forms of marketing you can do, offering not only brand awareness, but measurable results which link into your search engine rankings and domain authority.

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