UniqueOne.Network expands the value of NFTs

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Artists in every genre have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. Many have suffered from the physical restrictions that have been imposed, with galleries and other venues forced to close their doors. But there is now a digital solution. In January 2021, UniqueOne.Network launched its flagship community-led art marketplace, Unique.One, a next-generation decentralized NFT arts bazaar for the growing world of digital artists, creators and collectors.

The Unique.One platform doesn’t charge artists to mint NFTs, allowing members of its arts community to regain their autonomy by earning revenue on their own terms – not intermediated by greedy middlemen. A decentralized art marketplace means that any artist can easily digitize their work by uploading it to the Unique.One platform, which then tokenizes it to create an NFT. Unique.One-minted NFT art can be created, purchased, sold, traded and collected, while the non-fungible tokens confer the right to own, sell, lend, receive royalties and reuse this art. Unique.One is being built by a team of artists, developers, designers, marketers and project managers with deep involvement and experience in the crypto space from around the world.

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