Main Production and Applications of Silicone Rubber Liquid

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An example of a thermo setting elastomer is silicone rubber liquid, which contains a silicone structure on the side with vinyl or methyl groups and oxygen atoms. The silicone family is made up mostly of silicone rubber, which makes up around 30 percent of the entire family. Silicone rubber is suitable for surface electrical insulation because it maintains its properties at high temperatures and is very hydrophobic due to the methyl group’s presence in the material.

Common applications of silicone rubber liquid include gaskets, caps, electrical connectors, and multi-screw connectors, as well as newborn products that need a flat surface, such as nursing nipples, medical equipment, and kitchenware like baking pans.

Furthermore, other applications of silicone rubber liquid include products formed onto other rubber objects. One can shape the silicone button’s surface into a nylon 6.6 sleeve, for instance. The liquid silicone rubber is put inside the cylinder. Due to its low viscosity, this rubber may be transferred from pipelines and hoses to processing machinery.

Each of them is passed through a stationary mixer with its metering pump. One of the elements in the production of silicone rubber liquid contains a synthetic substance, usually platinum. Additives such as color paste can be used before the silicone material enters the stationary mixing area.

Before being supplied to the cooling measuring area of injection molding machines, the ingredients are fully combined in the static mixer. The product produced by stationary mixers is extremely homogeneous not just in all areas but also from one side to the other. This is not the same as buying solid silicone rubber that has been vulcanized and pre-cured.

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On the other hand, solid silicone rubber liquid transitions and provides less flex and control, which leads to more lateral flexibility. Furthermore, solid silicone rubber must cure for a longer period of time because it is produced at high temperatures. Since silicone rubber liquid has a low viscosity index, good cavity sealing is necessary to create a finished product that is dust-free. The development of the SRL injection mold must feature silicone expansion and material strength because injection happens at high temperatures.

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