Is George Zweig Still Alive?

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A 78-yr-old physicist who helped find out an essential constituent of the problem is beginning a hedge fund.
George Zweig is trying to launch his quaint company, Ignition, in the big apple later this year, The Wall road journal’s Juliet Chung reports.

Zweig was skilled beneath Nobel Prize-prevailing physicist Richard Feynman and was later nominated for Nobel Prize himself, in line with a piece of writing he wrote.

he’s credited with proposing one of the first theories of subatomic debris, referred to as quarks even as working at the EU enterprise for Nuclear Research, CERN.

He later worked on an electronic barrier machine to save you the glide of goods from North to South Vietnam in the course of the Vietnam war, in keeping with the journal document.

And he helped write an algorithm that brought about the advent of the cochlear hearing implant.

Zweig worked at hedge fund Renaissance technology from 2003-to 2010, before signing a 4-yr non-compete settlement, the magazine said.

Now he is beginning anew alongside two younger companions because, he instructed the journal, “‘life can be very uninteresting.'”

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