How to Bring Story and Gameplay Together

Course Description

Designers want to build a great game. Writers want to craft an amazing story. They’re on the same team, pursuing the same goal: create an unforgettable experience for the player. So why are these collaborations so tricky? Some days, it can seem like they’re speaking two different languages. What gets in the way, and how can we improve the process? After working on over 25 games, from indie to AAA, Susan O’Connor has developed a set of best practices that any team can use to get writers and designers moving in the same direction. This two-day, hands-on, interactive workshop will help you ship your best work yet.


Course Type

Two-Day Course: This is a single course that takes place over two four-hour days with limited breaks.


Intended Audience

This masterclass is for writers, designers, and any developer who plays a role in creating a playable story. Attendees who have shipped a title will benefit most from this experience.

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