Certified Agile Leadership for Game Development (Weds)

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Course Description

Attendees will learn:

  • What issues traditional management approaches are facing in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world, and why a new leadership approach is needed to improve outcomes in these environments.
  • How a healthy agile approach supports the complexity and uncertainty of work.
  • The qualities and characteristics organizations need to develop to be able to face today’s world and market challenges.
  • The benefits of becoming a more effective leader.
  • What mindset shifts are and why they are required to effectively lead in conditions of high volatility and uncertainty.
  • The importance of having a structured leadership development approach that supports leadership capability development.
  • How an effective leadership approach should support improving interactions with others.
  • How increased self-awareness is the key to better self-management. This improves situational adaptiveness and leadership effectiveness.
  • Awareness of the impact that behaviors have on the people around us, and how they can significantly improve our effectiveness when working with others.
  • Why having a growth mindset for both personal and professional growth is a critical part of effective leadership.
  • Techniques for incorporating feedback that improves your ability to inspect and adapt your own leadership behavior to increase effectiveness.
  • Dialog approaches that can be used to coach, provide feedback, resolve conflict, and work through difficult challenges by integrating alternative perspectives and engaging others to improve outcomes.
  • How power or influence techniques can be used to be present, aware, and engaged while avoiding over-influence and micromanagement.

Read More: https://gdconf.com/masterclass/certified-agile-leadership-weds?elq_mid=105666&elq_cid=20414631&_mc=em_x_gdcmc_un_x_gdcmc_x_x-Prosp-EM3

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