4 Items You Can Sell Online to Earn an Income

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Do you produce goods or have a physical store and dream of selling items online? If so, you can do exactly that. Thanks to the various online marketplaces, stores, and social media platforms, many people sell goods on the internet to supplement their income or earn a full-time living. However, what are some of the top goodies to sell via the web these days? Here are a few ideas to start turning your products into cash through the power of digital commerce.

Custom Clothing

If you’ve got sewing and seamstress skills blended with a flair for creativity, you might fancy yourself a full-time fashionista by starting a clothing brand – one specializing in creating custom apparel. Customized clothing is an industry for many; people with the skills to make clothing create all kinds of items, from embroidered designs on fabric and studded leather jackets to embellished denim jazzed up with paint, dyes, and sequins. There are so many creative ways to customize garments, so you have a ton of freedom in this department.

Plus, many people order custom clothing specifically tailored to them. A customer might request that you make a wedding dress for them in the style they want, or perhaps someone orders a punk rock biker jacket covered in spikes and band patches. You can make these creations a reality, send the goods to your customers, and make their bespoke wardrobe dreams come true – all while turning a profit.

Secondhand and Vintage Clothing

Not quite got the hand for designing and making clothing? No problem; if you love fashion but don’t have the skills to create your own or the time to learn how, you can scour secondhand markets online, yard sales, and thrift stores for vintage label garments and preloved clothing to sell on the internet.

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These outlets are incredible for sourcing fashion treasures from all eras, from vintage periods to the modern day. What’s more, any items you find that are a little worn-looking or even damaged in some cases can be spruced up if you have some basic sewing skills. It’s also possible to find luxury designer branded goods in secondhand stores and marketplaces that you can sell for a pretty penny!

Food Products

Are you a baker, confectioner, farmer, grocery stall or store owner, or any type of food manufacturer? If so, you can sell your products online as well to boost your business and earn a higher income. You can use various platforms and online marketplaces to grow your products’ reach and sell to real customers, much like how supermarkets sell groceries on the internet via their websites.

Selling domestically within your country would be the easiest option, as there’s less red tape than shipping food abroad to your international customers. However, so long as you abide by import and export rules regarding food and sales across borders – both in your own country and the nation to which you intend to ship your foodstuffs – there’s no reason you can’t sell your items on a global scale.


If you’re a painter, sculptor, or produce any kind of art, you can sell your masterpieces online for a profit. Platforms specific for selling art exist, but Instagram is a particularly good place to start since it enables you to showcase your artwork and build a following – plus, it’s free!

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